Florida Atlantic University and the Education Abroad office support international education activities for FAU students and faculty, and our world partners in order to prepare students for a 21st century global society, foster international engagement, and contribute to the emerging global knowledge system. 

Creating an account or logging in on this page will direct you to the required forms and checklists necessary for you to apply to study abroad with FAU or to apply as an international exchange/cooperative student (exchange/cooperative students must be nominated by their home institution to apply). We look forward to working with you to add an international dimension to your FAU experience. You should use your name when creating your account and title.

Please do not create an account until you are ready to apply to a program. Accounts/applications that are inactive for a month or more will be deleted. Thank you.

For general information please contact the Education Abroad office at 
www.fau.edu/goabroad, call 561-297-1208.


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